What is Adsoup?

Adsoup is a privacy-centric “view-exchange” network for small, independent software companies.

How does it work?

  1. > Add your product
  2. > Place the small piece of ad code on your website
  3. > Your code shows a random product from Adsoup, while your product shows up on other people’s websites — everyone wins! 🙌

When will my product start receiving views?

Once your product has been approved, and your ad unit has been viewed at least once.

How are views distributed?

As long as your ad unit has generated a view in the last few days, your product will continue showing up on other people’s ad units. We’re working on improving this with the aim of rewarding our top performing publishers with more views for their products.

What do the ads look like?

Where should I place the ad code?

The ad code should be placed in a visible part of your website that has the best chance at being viewed.

How much does Adsoup cost?

Adsoup is free when you place the ad code on your website.

Can I use Adsoup without placing the ad code on my website?

Get in touch with us about premium listings.

Can I style the ad unit?

You are free to style the ad unit as you please, as long as the ad is still visible on the page.

Can I view how well my ads and products are performing?

We’ll be adding performance dashboards soon.

How do you enforce user privacy?

We only store information that is critical for the platform to operate. We don’t share or sell your data, and we don’t work with any of the large companies known to exploit their customer’s data. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

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